Computers users of the world can soon rejoice – the prices of SSD’s are continuing to drop over the months.  In a recent post from Computer World, they note that they are starting to reach parity with traditional hard drives.  If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of using an SSD on your computer yet, our team at Browning IT would highly suggest it.  For the last eighteen months SSD’s have been the standard disk roll out to all of our clients, family, friends and personal machines.

Pricing aside, we always recommend looking for the SSD’s that are warrantied for 5 years or more.  This usually puts you in the ‘prosumer’ or Enterprise class pricing range but you won’t regret it.  The SSD speeds will be noticeable in all aspects of your day to day computing – office apps, reboots – and even power computing.  Throw some extra precious dollars away to make sure you get a good quality drive that also performs well.

While it’s difficult to be completely impartial, the staff at Browning IT have had great results with the Intel 530, Intel 730, Intel 535 and Samsung Pro lines of SSD’s.  They cost a few dollars more but the data integrity and warranty options make them worth every penny.   We take no compensation in mentioning any products or series at Browning IT.  These opinions are purely based on deployment experience and several years of using devices; as well as user feedback.