Another awful variant of ransomware has been discovered in the wild on the web by a group of researchers.  To their credit, they already have a working decryption tool, and a method of testing to see if the messages you are receiving are from the same variant.  You can get the removal tool by clicking here for the Jigsaw ransomware decryption tool.

The scare tactic with Jigsaw is the threat of file deletion after every hour of non-payment in bitcoin to the attackers.  This malware also warns of deleting another 1000 random files on each PC reboot.  As this ransomware has already been beaten the researchers your best method to fight back is to download the tool from bleepingcomputer linked above before trying anything else.  The tool to identify what type of ransomware you may be infected with you can get the tool courtesy of Mr. Gillespie here.  Thanks to everyone at the @MalwareHunterTeam for taking this garbage out quickly.

Stay safe out there, and the most important thing to remember:

Don’t panic.